Grocery Supply Chain Code Of Practice

What exactly is GSCOP?

Have you ever dreamed for your brand to be present in the top grocery retailers in the UK? To enjoy the freedom, success and unlimited potential of expanding your business internationally? Do you wish to know how to secure more profitable business if you are entering into a contract with a retail giant? Or are you an existing supplier who has already developed a trading relationship with one of them? Ambitious suppliers nowadays are facing tough challenges brought by our fair competition economy. They need to be prepared with all the knowledge, tools, strategies and negotiation skills if they want their businesses to survive.

Nevertheless, shocking facts reveal that 76% of them risk losing business and getting fouled by retailers simply because they still haven’t learned the ‘rules of the game’ or ‘GSCOP’ as people in the industry are referring to the set of rules and regulations defending the rights of suppliers and helping them to get a fair treatment when entering into a trading relationship with supermarkets.

If a Designated Retailer does not comply with GSCOP, then the supplier has the right to escalate a dispute and involve the GSCOP adjudicator. The GSCOP Adjudicator has the power to police, arbitrate and fine a Designated Retailer with up to 1% from their annual turnover. For Tesco this could mean around £690 million!

However, the purpose of GSCOP is not only to solve disputes in a legal way but rather to prevent them as they arise with knowing your rights and how to negotiate the best advantages for your business from the very start of your trading relationship. We all know how beneficial a relationship with a giant retailer can be for your business, thus having the right knowledge, tools, strategies and confidence from the very start can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Grocery Code Adjudicator

Watch this short video to hear Christine Tacon speak about the importance of supplier training.

What does the act cover, who are the designated retailers?

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Why is GSCOP training important for my business?

It is incredibly important for suppliers to have a full understanding of GSCOP and how to be pro-active in case of unfair treatment on the part of the supermarket if they want to stay in business and get the best terms when starting a business relationship with a huge retailer. GSCOP represents ‘the rules’ of the game you are playing in. Without knowing them, you can get fouled and not even realize it!

Both parties should know the rules of the game

Buyers are trained in GSCOP every year-this is the law. And every year retailers are improving the training, adding to it, making it up-to-date to make absolutely sure that buyers are kept on their toes in terms of what is and what is not compliant with the code, so they can get the best advantage when negotiating terms and conditions with suppliers. Quite unfair if you have no knowledge what is going on in the industry, isn’t it? You go to the meeting with the hope to secure more profitable wins for your business, completely unarmed, not knowing how to defend your rights and position or push back when you feel you’re being asked to do something that you shouldn’t. What would the outcome be for your business?

A full training is also very important because reading GSCOP itself or a book that explains it is very much like reading the dictionary and words’ meanings in order to learn the language. On the course you will get a broader vision that enables you to analyse certain issues like, for example, delays of payment, in which many suppliers would be interpreting as ‘if I’m on forty days’ terms it means that I’ve got a case if I’m paid in fifty”, but the broader interpretation would be that if you have money deducted of that payment and you weren’t expecting it and you haven’t agreed it, that is also a delay in payment.

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We are helping suppliers develop a broader vision about practises that could be breaching of the code and how to best defend their rights. When you are on a training course, you will also hear about other people’s experiences and how other people have used the code to resolve issues with their designated retailer.

How are we different?

We are the first company offering A complete GSCOP training course

Led by our industry expert, business coach mentor, Stuart Sadler who used to work as a senior project manager in the international commercial scene for Tesco, until he set up his own successful business to help great brands and products break into the UK and global market. You are in safe hands when it comes to getting a first-hand knowledge from a professional who possesses a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the industry and has helped hundreds of people to build up their dream businesses.

And the best part is that we offer the complete version of the course. There are one-day courses for GSCOP available on the market but the GSCOP covers only one third of the rules and policies suppliers need to know in order to survive in the challenging environment of the grocery industry.

We would take you through everything you need to know about the Order and what you should have in place with your retailers.

Brightcitrus is a training provider to the UK grocery industry specializing in suppliers to the major retailers. People come to us when they want real results in securing more profitable wins using better ‘soft skills’. Our training is a combination of deep knowledge, relevant tools and strategies and unique training methods to boost confidence and achieve results beyond expectations.

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What people say about us:

‘If I had attended this course years ago, I would have saved thousands for my business’

James Jill, Senior Manager, food manufacturer

‘This course transforms dry, non-comprehensive material into a relevant, vibrant knowledge inspiring motivation and self-development’

Anna Pearce, National Account Manager, food company

‘Whilst I already had a fairly good understanding of GSCOP, this course opened my mind to the peripheral parts of the Code and provided me with a new understanding how to analyse certain situations that are crucial for my business. I think this is the best investment I have ever made’.

Jonathan Smith, Director, multinational company

‘It really evens up the game. I used to be pushed to the wall and asked to make decisions that could have ruined my company. Now I know I’m not obliged in any form or shape to comply with those inadequate demands and I know how to stand up for myself and my business’.

Emma Collins, Senior Director, beauty company

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